Eheim Professional Thermo External Filter 3e 600T USB (2178)

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With the new EHEIM external Thermo Filter professional 3e 600T electronic USB -2178- you have a lot of new functions.
The micro-processor controlled electronics with touch pad interface you have new and intelligent functions at the touch of a button.

For aquaria from 300l up to 600l.

Categories: External Tank Filters

The tried and tested features of all EHEIM external canister filters: powerful flow rates, large baskets and filter volume, high reliability and the well-known quiet running smoothness are combined in the EHEIM professional 3e 600T electronic USB 2178 with a range of new functions making your aquarium easier than ever to manage:

Integrated hose adaptor with shut-off tap
Automatic priming aid
High-tech ceramic shaft and housing
Large volume pre-filter at the top of canister
Large filter baskets
Thermo filter

User-friendly, needful and at the touch of a button:

Output control
At the touch of a button you can increase or decrease the output to the optimum level for your aquarium and the fish inside.
constant flow
Maintains your flow rate setting by automatically monitoring and increasing the output to compensate for filter media blocking.
stream function
Electronically controls an alternating flow rate creating a wave or stream-like effect
12h bio function
You can set up two different flow rates within a day - like a day/night effect. Ideal for planted aquaria.
service indicator
At the touch of a button the time till the next cleaning intervals is displayed by LEDs.
auto air out
Air trapped under the pump head of the EHEIM professionel 3e 600T electronic USB -2178- is automatically detected and removed via a special programme mode
electronic error indicator
The filter monitors its own functioning constantly. Irregularities are detected and shown in the LED display. At the same time a programme mode starts, which automatically attemps to solve the problem.
auto calibration
The system permanently checks and at least once a day calibrates itself, to guarantee maximum control accuracy.
USB connection

Optional: with the USB converter the EHEIM professionel 3e 600T electronic USB -2178- external filter can be connected to a computer via a USB interface. The functions can be conveniently controlled and monitored using the free EHEIM ControlCenter Software. Simple and convenient programming, setting and updating of your filter on the PC is therefore possible.