Evolution Aqua Pure Aquarium Bomb

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Evolution Aqua Pure Aquarium Bomb - Fast acting bacteria product for freshwater aquariums. Repairs bacteria colonies, provides instant nitrification and boosts water clarity

The Evolution Aqua Pure Aqua Bomb is a unique, clear live bacteria gell ball, which treats water conditons that are high in nitrates and ammonia. The innovative solution to undesirable levls of these substances in aquariums aims to clarify water conditions, making it an ideal product to use when setting up new aquariums. An increase in levels of ammonia or nitrate can be a result of adding new media, adding medication to the water, dead or decaying fish and uneaten food.

Evolution Aqua's Pur Aquarium Bomb is ideal for aquariums of 200 litres and is fast acting, consisting of concentrated live filter bacteria, to repair bacteria colonies whilst boosting water clarity. The innovation also works to mature new filters rapidly and provide instant nitrification. 

The Pure Aqua Bomb from Evolution Aqua is the perfect choice for aquarists with new sterile aquariums, looking to safely stock their new environment with healthy fish. The Pure Aqua Bomb contains millions of live aerobic bacteria and should be used in conjunction with strong aeration from a filter outlet or with an airstone.

To use the Evolution Aqua Pure Aquarium Bomb, simply add the ball to the filter section or directly into the aquarium water. 

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