JBL SOLAR Reflect 146 T5/T8 1500/1450mm 58w

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Doubles the light output of all fluorescent tubes

Easy to install: just press reflector on fluorescent tube
Maximum light output: higher penetration depth of the light thanks to optimised shape. No light loss thanks to dark inner surface of canopies. Individual light alignment by turning
Safety: plastic corners protect against injury. Corrosion-resistant, robust high-gloss aluminium
Package contents: reflector panel incl. clips for fluorescent tubes, suitable for fluorescent tubes T8 Ø 2.6 cm and T5 Ø 1.6 cm

Maximum illumination without additional energy costs: An ideal illumination of the aquarium/terrarium is important to promote plant and coral growth and to minimise algae growth. With the use of reflectors you will ensure maximum light efficiency without additional energy costs. In addition they serve as glare protection when working on the aquarium. 

Efficient shape: The M-shape of the JBL reflector panels doesn’t just reflect the light back towards the tube but redirects it towards the water. The rounded plastic corners protect against injury. 

Simple to mount: Just clip reflector on fluorescent tubes.

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