Juwel MultiLux LED 150cm 2 x 31 Watt Lighting Unit

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Juwel MultiLux LED 1500 2 x 31 Watt Lighting Unit - suitable for the Juwel Rio 400 / 450 and Vision 450 aquarium. Offers maximum power coverage and minimal energy consumption.

Now included as standard with all larger Juwel aquariums such as the Juwel Rio, Lido, Vision and Trigon LED aquariums, the new MultiLux LED has energy saving of up to 50% in comparison to conventional T5 light units.

The MultiLux high-performance LED from Juwel is complete with DAY and NATURE LED tubes, which is the perfect light spectrum for enhancing fish colours and optimum plant growth.

The replaceable real glass Juwel LED tubes in the MultiLux lighting mean you have the flexibility of changing the tubes if and when desired.

The MultiLux features 'ActivePor' which is a high-tech membrane built within the MultiLux LED unit which prevents moisture from entering the light unit, but allows cool air exchange.

The easy fit MultiLux means its a simple operation to swap over from your existing Juwel T5 flourescent light unit to the new MultiLux. Simply remove the flaps and replace the light unit. The existing flaps on your Juwel aquarium slot right in!

The MultiLUX LED Tubes feature a special safety feature where the red end of the light unit only allows electricity into the light unit, meaning there is no risk of electric shock to the user.

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