Schuran Aquaflotor AQ800 Skimmer

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Schuran Aquaflotor AQ800 Skimmer

Schuran's Aquaflotor are high-performance skimmers proven by over 20 years of use in both tropical and polar conditions.

Protein skimmers of the AQUAFLOTOR series from Schuran have been in use in large tanks for over 20 years and have proven themselves under both tropical and polar conditions. The special building structure facilitates long contact time and tranquilized flotation, thereby effectuating a high concentration of skimmed off protein. A centrifugal pump incombination with a reliable injector is marched to the particular device cares for highly effective skimming. All AQUAFLOTOR skimmers are equipped with a corrosion resistant ozone connection and a foam pot cleaning shower.

AQ 800
Stand size: 1000x1000 mm
Height: 2500 mm
Flowrate: 35000l/h
For aquariums from 35000 litres up to 80000 litres
Intake: 6000l/h
Pump: Arbo KR50/200

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