JBL Hanging Hang On Thermometer Medium 10mm

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Precise measurement and healthy fish: precision thermometer for hanging – temperature range: 0 – 40 °C.

Categories: Thermometers

Easy to fix: hang glass body over the aquarium pane.
Made in Germany: precision capillary. Elegant, curved glass body.

It’s good-bye to suction holders: JBL is launching 3 new precision thermometers for aquariums that you can conveniently hang up.

Fans of Nano aquariums and all-glass aquariums, in particular, are pleased with this new version, as their needs are different.

Thermometers with hangers of different widths are required, depending on the thickness of the glass. That is why JBL is providing the new JBL HangOn premium thermometer with hanger widths of 6, 10 and 15 mm to fit different “aquarium edges”.

The precision glass capillaries indicate the temperature range between 0 and 40 °C with an accuracy of 0.5 °C. The red capillary fluid against a yellow background enables quick and precise readings.

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