Halloween Hermit Crab - Marine Clean Up Crew

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Ciliopagurus Strigatus

The Halloween Hermit Crab, with its vibrant orange and red banding, stands out as a member of your aquarium cleanup crew.

Originating from the Hawaiian Islands, the Halloween Hermit Crab boasts attractive color variegation and is a beautiful accent to the marine aquarium.

The Halloween Hermit Crab is a very useful aquarium cleaner that helps maintain a healthy aquarium environment by eating any left over food that may settle on the substrate.

Adding further value, the Halloween Hermit Crab is known to efficiently eat algae including green hair algae and cyanobacteria.

It also provides a valuable service of aerating aquarium substrate by sifting through the sand.

Be aware that as the Halloween Hermit Crab attains a large size, this lumbering scavenger may disrupt rockwork or corals in reef aquariums. 

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