Tiger Cowrie Snail - Marine Clean Up Crew Invert

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Cypraea Tigris

The Tiger Cowrie has an egg-shaped, spotted, glossy shell and is in high demand for the rock aquarium.

The Tiger Cowrie, Cypraea cervus, or Tiger Cowry, is a nocturnal mollusk species that features one of the most beautiful and desirable shells in the entire marine trade. Instantly recognizable, the Tiger Cowrie's shell is rounded, smooth, and contains a beautiful tiger-like design. They are best kept in established aquariums with plenty of live rock. Its natural defenses protect it from predators and it is a peaceful tank mate but as it grows may topple corals or live rock structures under its weight. It is a carnivorous species that will feed at night searching for small meaty bits of fish or seafood, or algae and detritus - it can easily be supplementally fed. The Tiger Cowrie is a relatively unique invertebrate to include into the home aquarium. Its sheer beauty will compliment a reef tank nicely and looks amazing laid over a sand bed. 

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