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JBL Ferropol Refill Plant Fertiliser Food 625ml

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    Primary care for vital plant growth in aquariums.

      1:1 the same optimum composition as JBL Ferropol in the original bottle.

        500 ml + 125 ml cost-free bonus – you save money – JBL saves on packaging.

          10 ml / 40 l water = 625 ml for 2500 l aquarium water.

            Active environmental protection in aquaristics.

            For the absorption of nutrients through the leaves.
            Contains iron, potassium and other essential minerals and trace elements in plant-available form.
            Does not contain phosphates and nitrates.
            Remedies iron and potassium deficiency.
            Add 5 ml / 20 litres, either weekly or after fertiliser check (JBL Fe Test set).
            Harmless to freshwater crustaceans and shrimp.

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