Abyzz Control System ACS EU

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Abyzz Control System ACS EU

Abyzz Control System = ACS. Connects up to 8 drivers together for a fully controlled system.

The Abyzz Control System (ACS) is a controller that allows you to control and monitor up to 8 Abyzz pumps ** and other Abyzz peripherals over a common bus system. In addition, you can set for each pump separately permanent flow rates, create random flows or elaborate wave profiles. During operation, you have the option of polling operating data such as driver temperature, identification data, power consumption or the current speed of your pumps. In case of an error (blocking a pump, over temperature, power failure, etc.), the ACS gives an alarm signal and alerts you. * Depending on the model, a software update of your drivers may be required, which we will gladly carry out for you upon request.
** Drivers must be purchased separately. 

Menu-driven programming for each connected pump
Freely programmable wave profiles
Random flow generation
Energy saving by night reduction
Extensive protection functions, eg fish protection function during feeding break
Visual and audible alarm
External switching output for alarms
Bus-capable interface for peripherals
Hour meter with automatic maintenance

Display options among other things, you can display the following information:

Overview of all Abyzz pumps
power consumption
Hour meter
number of revolutions
drivers temperature
Error messages and alarms


Abyzz Control System
Power line (1.5m)
Abyzz interconnector
operation manual
Abyzz light sensor

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