Fritz Pond Alkalinity Booster 2.25lb (1021g)

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Fritz Pond Alkalinity Booster 2.25lb (1021g)

Fritz Pond Alkalinity Booster is a safe and effective way to raise pond alkalinity. Contains a full spectrum of buffering agents, helping to prevent “pH bounce.”

Safely raises and maintains carbonate hardness (KH)
Contains a complete spectrum of buffering agents, not just sodium bicarbonate
Prevents pH crash
Aids nitrifying bacteria in reducing nitrite
Prevents pH levels from bottoming out
Promotes fish health

Fritz Pond Alkalinity Booster contains a full spectrum of buffering agents, helping to prevent “pH bounce.” Alkalinity is the measure of the ability of water to hold a pH of 7.0 or above. Low alkalinity levels may result in pH fluctuations, sometimes severe enough to harm or kill fish. In addition, alkalinity levels below 80 ppm will prevent nitrifying bacteria from effectively reducing nitrite levels, stressing and endangering fish.

1 tablespoon per 120 U.S. gallons (454 L) / 1 cup per 2,000 U.S. gallons (7,570 L) Test total alkalinity in the pond before use. If pond reads below 120 ppm, add 1 cup per 2,000 gallons of water or one tablespoon per 300 gallons. Wait two hours, retest alkalinity levels, retreat if necessary until the desired level is reached. Limit change in alkalinity to 40 ppm per day or less. For best results, spread dosage over several days. Ideal alkalinity is between 120−240 ppm. Do not exceed 400 ppm.

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