Evolution Aqua EA ProSump Large

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Evolution Aqua EA ProSump Large

The eaProSump is an extension to the launch of Evolution Aqua's eaReefPro range.

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Evolution Aqua eaProSump Large:

The eaProSump is an extension to the launch of Evolution Aqua's eaReefPro range. The large sized stand-alone sump features a range of innovative features such as blue acrylic adjustable baffles for varying water heights.

The Evo eaProSump in Large consists of a 4 chamber linear layout and is ideal for upgrading existing sumps inside compatible marine aquariums and Evolution Aqua Reef Aquariums.

The Evo eaProSump also features a macro algae come and a large top-up reservoir. The sump has been developed using a number of reliable product materials chosen by the experts at Evolution Aqua to promise the best results with utmost reliability and durability.

The professional sump, made from sleek black silicone operates flawlessly and effortlessly with a robust construction that lends itself to the brand's unbeatable know-how and expertise. With 6mm outer glass and 8mm inner divider glass, the Evolution Aqua eaProSump is a beautifully finished product that provides a healthier environment for all aquarium inhabitants, plants and coral reefs.

Dimensions: L800mm x W380mm x H400mm
Medium size
Blue acrylic adjustable baffles
4 chamber linear layout
Ideal for upgrading existing sumps
Compatible with Evolution Aqua Reef Aquariums and marine aquariums
Reliable and durable
Uses a selection of reliable product materials
Sleek black silicone
Flawless and effortless operation
6mm outer glass
8mm inner divider glass
Easy to operate
Stylish and compact design

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