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The 2020 'Aquatic' Theiling Rollermat 'XC' Automatic Fleece Filter for Marine Fish Tanks & Aquariums

The 2020 'Aquatic' Theiling Rollermat 'XC' Automatic Fleece Filter for Marine Fish Tanks & Aquariums

The 2020 Rollermat XC is the bigger brother of the proven Rollermat with the housing and lid manufactured in rubust and weatherproof injected polyethylene

The fleece is 42 cm wide, the maximum flow rate can reach up to 10,000 litres per hour sufficient for large tanks and aquariums

The technology is similar to the smaller Rollermat, if the fleece is dirty, the water level in the filter rises and a float switch starts the motor that turns the fleece so is fully automatic

Working Principle

• The polluted water passes the filter fleece and enters into the drum, from here it flows back into the filter sump. If the fleece is loaded with dirt, the flow through the fleece decreases and the water level outside of the drum rises
• If it reaches a certain level, a level switch starts the motor, the drum rotates and a small piece of fresh fleece is loaded on the drum
• Fully automatically, it will take 3 - 6 months, depending on the waste production in the system until the complete fleece is used and has to be replaced
• The Fleece is very fine, even smallest particles are removed, the dirt is filtered out of the system, before it is metabolized biologically, this relieves the biofilter and the protein skimmer
• If the accepting roll is full or the releasing roll empty, it can be taken out of the filter easily, both parts can be separated and the fleece can be discarded
If the fleece roll is used, it can be changed with a new one in just a few minutes
One roll contains 42m2 of aquarium fleece (40g/m²)


• Suitable for saltwater tanks & aquariums up to 10,000 litres
• Can be installed in a sump or externally, for installation additional pipe and pipe fittings may be required
• Efficient mechanical filtration by fine filter fleece
• Automatic transport of the fleece
• Rolls are easy to change
• 12v 4w safety voltage motor
• Roll lasts 3 - 6 months depending on the amount of waste
• The pores of the fleece are so small, that even very small particles are retained
• Required flow: Up to 10,0000 litres per hour

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